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Ultra Bright Rechargeable LED Torch

Ultra Bright Rechargeable LED Torch
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Extra super white LEDs integrate with light, elegant packaging and rechargeable 4.2V Lithium-ion battery. I do not need any cables.

Aluminum alloy, durable body, suitable for use in various hard environmental conditions.

Waterproof design, high elastic silicone seal sealed, waterproof performance.

Flexible and convenient; the outer surface of the depth of the non-slippery handle, light and beautiful, simple to use. Special design for an ergonomic grip, more suitable for holding. Large center button. 

Super shine through wide irradiation. Led 1050LM Max Brightness (ANSI lumen), irradiation distance over 300m. Zoom in and out for optimum focusing.

USB charging makes it easy to use, simple and convenient to charge.

Hiking, camping, self defense, searching, hunting, daily transportation, night driving, outdoor activities, caving, night fishing, forest exploration, patrol, factory etc. It is suitable for.

Usage Instruction:

a. Push the plug out when charging and insert it directly in to AC 110V socket, and the charging indicator light will light up. Full charging time needs 12 hours. 

b. While using turn the switch to direction ON while stopping lighting, turn the switch to direction OFF. 

c. The light can be lighted continuously more than 12 hours(The lamp can be used more than 10000 hours).

d. Choose suitable voltage switch according to the using voltge of it. It is easy for you to plug the wire head of the power to DC socket of the receiver nothing positive or negative pole. 

e. For radio recevier, the using time could last more than 12 hours (When using with other multi-function source wires).


a. When the light is dim please charge it immediately, (Please keep charging once every two months), otherwise self lifes will seriously affect.

b. Do not use it when charging, otherwise it would burn the electric stuff and elements. 

c. The most charge time should be less than 15 hours. 

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