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Magnetic Table Stand

Magnetic Table Stand
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Magnetic Table Stand H92A+G03: With built-in strong magnet ring, the magnetic phone holder holds your phone firmly and supports up to 300 g weight. For vertical and horizontal views, not only does it allow 360 degrees of flexible rotation, it can also be tilted up, down, left or right for the highest level of viewing comfort. You never need to worry about falling.

Desktop Phone Holder with Universal Compatibility: The robust magnetic phone is broadly compatible with all sizes of smartphone or other devices such as the desktop stand, iPad Mini, iPhone, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Nokia, Google, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi.

Robust and Stylish Phone Connection: Premium aluminum alloy feet and strong magnets ensure that your phone or device stays secure and tight. The anti-slip silicone rubber at the base allows the phone holder to firmly adhere to the soft table surface and prevent scratches.

Easy Installation: For initial use, put a protective film behind your phone, then stick a round metal plate, that's it. If you do not want to attach the metal plate to your phone, make sure to put a rectangular magnetic plate (supplied) between the shell and the phone. Simple and useful.

Flexible 360 ​​Degree Rotation: The 360-degree reversible magnetic head allows you to re-calibrate your phone or other mobile device for a perfect viewing angle when making video or audio calls, watching videos, dining, or doing sports.

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