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IB020 IP Camera

IB020 IP Camera
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Your new NextGuard Security IB020 IP Camera is the start of a Ring of Security around your entire property.

     It is a great way to remotely monitor your home, workplace or any place. Installation and use is simple. Wherever you are, internet is enough. You can easily make internet settings automatically without the need for a cable. It works with 5V 2.0A adapter with USB input. With the app you'll be uploading to your phone or tablet, you can remotely access the camera, control it 90 degrees vertically and 355 degrees horizontally right-left, up and down. If you want on the table, you can use it by mounting it on the wall or on the wall thanks to the apparatus sent in the box. With 720P/1080P image quality, it shoots continuously day and night. MicroSD card support up to 64 GB. You can watch daily images from App whenever you want, and you can save images to your mobile phone or tablet. The two-way speaker allows conversation.

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