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Dual Output Faucet Type Digital Timer

Dual Output Faucet Type Digital Timer
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The Dual Output Digital Irrigation Meter will turn your hose tap into a programmed irrigation system in minutes. No more dead plants, because you didn't forget to water them. No more watery ponds, because you didn't forget to turn off the water. Just insert the battery, set the timer and go! Programming is fast and practical with a large digital display, oversized search and simple controls. Made of high quality materials and waterproof structure, it will serve you safely for many years. A dial allows full timer control functionality. Loops easily from the set time, how often, how long after the program runs the watering time. A rain delay is built into the work program function. A manual button allows program interruption. It provides water saving in drought conditions.


Water pressure: 0-8 kg

Working pressure: 0-4 kg

Water temperature: 0 ℃ -40 ℃

Size: 17.3 * 10 * 6.3 cm

Package size: 17.5 * 13 * 7.7cm

Material: ABS Plastic

Two AA (1.5V) alkaline batteries are recommended.

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